Morocco is a wonderful country where language and culture are interestingly intertwined. Arabic is the official language, used in government and schools. However, in every corner of the country, you will hear Darija, a mix of Moroccan Arabic dialect and Berber.

Berber languages which are known as Tamazight or Tachelhit, are spoken, especially in rural areas and the Atlas Mountains. This has deep roots in the country’s history.

French is also prevalent, a reminder of Morocco’s colonial past. Het wordt vaak gebruikt in het bedrijfsleven en het onderwijs. Many Moroccans are fluent in French, and you’ll see French on signs and official documents alongside Arabic.

The Language  Spoken in Tourist Areas

In tourist areas, you’ll find people who can communicate in French and English, making it easier for travelers. English, though not as widespread as French, is becoming more popular, especially among the younger generation and those in the tourism industry.

The mix of languages and cultures creates a wonderful destination that has something to suit everyone.. Whether you wander through Marrakesh’s vibrant souks or find tranquility in the tranquil oases of the Sahara Desert, you will discover the magic of Morocco’s diverse and culturally rich landscape.

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