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wasil asked 5 months ago

How do you get to Bab N'Ali, Jebel Saghro?

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Said Staff answered 5 months ago

How do you get to Bab N'Ali, Jebel Saghro?

Bab N'Ali of Jebel Saghro is one of the magical places in the eastern Anti-Atlas Mountains. Known for its incredible rock formations and is home to the Ait Atta tribes. Located in the last stretch of the old road that crossed the entire Saghro, via the Tizi n'Tazazert pass, from the village of Ikniouen to Nkob. Currently, it is an asphalt road and easy to cross with any type of vehicle. Along the way, you will encounter gorges with waterfalls. When you get there, you'll be reminded of the view of the iconic rock formations often depicted in films and advertisements depicting the American West. It adds a unique and rarely-seen touch of beauty to the Moroccan landscape. It is very common to see groups of adventurous climbers attempting to conquer these heights.

How do you get to Bab N'Ali in Jebel Saghro?

You can access it from Nkob village (between Tansikht and Tazzarine). At the entrance to the village of Nkob, take the right road towards Ikniouen. Bab N'Ali can also be reached via Tinghir and Boumaln Dades.

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